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My training and qualifications

I joined the US Navy in 1975. After completing recruit training I was sent to 32nd St. Nav Sta in San Diego for dental tech A school.  After doing normal chairside duties I started the dental repair and technology course in 1984. This is the only military training dedicated in dental equipment repair.  First though I had to complete five weeks of basic electrical and electronic training. After getting that out of the way I started the six month repair course.  At this school we covered, systems, hydraulics, flow control of air and water systems, X-ray and lab equipment.  This was all done in a class room setting that required trouble shooting and repair procedures, installation of equipment and maintenance.  After graduating I was awarded the honor graduate plaque for best overall grades.  Over time I have completed many manufacturer training courses. Including Adec, Midmark, Tuttenaurer, Pelton crane,Dental ez and SS White to name just a few.  So as you can see I am truly a professional Dental Repair Technician.

Fair price for quality work

After leaving the US Navy as a Dental Technician Repair 1st class in 1987 I started working as a field service tech with various dental supply houses, a lot of them no longer around.  And I had a hard time adapting because in the service we were taught to do quality work, fix it right the first time.  But I found in the civilian market it was all billable hours and patching things together was good enough, especially if going back resulted in another service call.  If your there for an hour and ten minutes, bill them for 1 1/2 hours or the salesmen would see me working on a old autoclave and be told "Mike don't fix that sell them another one.  Well I'm back on my own and it feels good to do quality work again, not having to worry about how long the job takes, or explaining to a service manager why I didn't think I should bill a customer for the full hour.  Now if I work an hour and I only bill for thirty minutes I won't get in trouble with the boss.

Examples of small equipment I routinely repair

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