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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Old or new, after thirty years in this business I have seen it all. And in dental repair experience counts, do you want some one with a few months experience charging you while they are figuring it out? Also I don’t charge for estimates, I’m glad to look at the problem and recommend a solution. And since I do not sell equipment I have no motivation to recommend replacing a piece of equipment. If something is obsolete or not worth fixing I will recommend a brand or research a replacement for you free of charge. And if you buy online we can talk about me installing it for you. After years of working for big impersonal supply company’s it’s nice to take the time to do quality work and not worrying about my billable hours. I don’t do this to earn a living anymore so you will find I am very generous with my time and very competitive on my hourly rate.

Without  the worry of equipment downtime, you are free to concentrate on the patients!​​​

Please call us for a free quote

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